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T-IL has been working with MolenGeek since August 2018. Our team was initially brought on to manage external communications, including photo and video development; social media management; and client relations. However, upon demonstrating our skills in the project management domain, we have subsequently taken on a stronger leadership role in the organization. At present, we are developing the full pedagogy for a new branch of MolenGeek — the Marketing Lab — which is an immersive six-month course in digital marketing. We also handle several aspects of the fundraising process, including grant writing, client acquisition, and funder communications.

About the client

MolenGeek is a tech incubator, coding school, and collaborative work space based in Molenbeek, Belgium. The organization’s mission is to make technology and entrepreneurship accessible to all, particularly young people who have dropped out of school early, have yet to find their place in society, or who are currently unemployed. MolenGeek operates in a neighborhood of Brussels with a high level of youth unemployment, so their many educational programs are aimed directly at helping young people find their place in society.

The MolenGeek model has received international recognition as an innovative way of teaching IT skills and addressing youth unemployment. The organization has received grant funding from prominent  players in the tech sector — including Google and Samsung — as well as the European Union and City of Brussels.


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