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Our work

We have been working with the author of Fantabulous Universe since January 2019. We began by developing a new website, including WooCommerce and a full analytics suite. Since then, we have been creating dynamic content to drive traffic to the website and increase book sales. This includes managing social media accounts and developing original video content for the project. Most importantly, we work in close collaboration with the author to craft a digital marketing campaign that is inline with his own voice and vision as a writer.

About the client

Fantabulous Universe is a book of illustration and poetry by Belgian author Jan Van Ryckeghem. Jan came to us with his passion project, which he had self-published and was working to distribute himself. His goal was to get his book into the hands of more readers, by increasing his online audience and encouraging book sales. Jan is a performer, actor, and now illustrator, and he needed partners that could capture the spirit of his book.

Client: Fantabulous Universe

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