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T-IL began working with Arte AC in spring 2018. Within the first three weeks of working with Arte AC, we redesigned their website and set up a new CRM and system for internal communications. Arte AC had experienced a good amount of internal turnover before we began working with them, so our main priority was to streamline their communications, and make sure that everyone was on the same channel. As of now, there is now a CRM in place to manage potential students, channels have been established for each potential student to reach the director of their preferred department, and the staff has now been connected on a single communication platform.

We finished our project with Arte AC in Fall 2018. Upon completion of our rebranding, we have turned the website and CRM over to their team for internal management, with full instructions on how to maintain an online presence.

About the client

Arte AC is a university of design and fine arts in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. Founded in 1955, the university offers degrees in interior design, fashion, and graphic design, as well as exhibition spaces and continuing education classes for the community. In 2015, Arte AC became a part of the Technological College of Monterrey, one of the leading universities in the city.


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